Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another snake attack...

Well, I've been MIA, but for a good reason. I went to Ohio to see my sister and her family and then we went to go see my nephew, Steven, graduate high school in Indianapolis. It was so neat. I remember when he was so little, it seems like yesterday. He is such an awesome kid, I'm so proud of him! I have lots of photos, but I need to edit them first. Here is a photo of his last baseball game on Monday. His team won the sectionals, now they are off to regionals! This is Steven (in red & white) scoring the first run of the game!

Today, we had a little excitement when Cosmo attacked another snake in the back yard. This thing was HUGE! I was relieved to see it wasn't a rattlesnake, it was a corn snake. But it was still scary. I can't hardly get Cosmo away from these things once he sees them. He was really bleeding from his mouth, so I don't know if the snake bit him or maybe he bit his own tongue. He's fine now. But I just about had a heart attack this morning. I can't go thru another rattler bite, and neither can Cosmo.

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