Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Katy's 4th Birthday...

Well, I made it back to the blog! Better late than never! Where does the time go? Oh I know.....laundry, kids screaming, dishes, more laundry, riding bikes with kids, dog's needing to go out, yet more laundry.....

Katy's 4th birthday was on Wednesday, Jan 21. We went to Disney World! Katy got in free for her birthday. It was ccccccold.....the coldest day of the year here. It was in the 30's in the morning, then warmed up to about 50 degrees. Which is really cold for Florida!! But, we bundled up and had a great time. We rode lots of rides and Katy got her picture with Mickey. This was a really big deal because this was the first time she would actually stand with the characters. (everytime we go to Universal, she chickens out at the last second and won't get her picture taken with the characters!) Mickey and Minnie kissed her and we sang Happy Birthday to her. They gave her an 'It's my Birthday' button to wear, so everyone was wishing her a happy birthday all day.

Sara and Katy had some money to spend so they bought really cute mickey mouse ears hats.

Thanks for stopping by! I PROMISE to post some more photos and stamp projects soon!!

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